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How to get Facebook Ad Breaks In Pakistan & Earn Money | Free apk site

Get Facebook Ad Break in Pakistan & earn money:

As you know that Facebook has recently launched its video service called Facebook ad break. Advertisements will be displayed in Facebook videos now. Which video makers will earn revenue? These ads have been named as Ada Break. Ad Breaks is currently available in the United States of America, UK, Canada, Canada, and other countries, but today we will let you know how you can get an online Ad break on your Pakistani or Indian Facebook page.

How to get Facebook Ad Breaks In Pakistan & Earn Money  Free apk site

Ability to get an ad break:

You must have a Facebook page in order to receive an ad break, which must be at least 10,000 followers. Some videos over 3 minutes should be available on this page. Total views on these videos should be 30,000 views. Remember every single must be a minute. That means if your video has seen less than a minute then they will not be counted. And video waves of less than three minutes will not be counted.

How to check the qualification:

Whether your page is eligible for an ad break or not. To learn this, you can check by clicking on this link. Remember, this link should opt into Desktop View instead of mobile. Wait 30 seconds after opening this link. After thirty seconds, all of your page details will be visible to the pages you will administer. The details or moderators will not see these details. In detail, it will be shown that your page's followers are sufficient for an Ad Break or not. Whether your waves are on the video or not, and whether your country's Ad Break is available or not. All the rest of the work are easy, but if the Ad Break is not available in the country, you are not worried at all. The purpose of the article is that we can address the problem of the bank in Ad Break.

How to turn on country support in Ads Break?

If your country's ADS facility is not a Country Not Supported red flag, it does not mean that you are not available on your country's ADS, but this problem is very easy. To do this you just have to make an American, British or Australian friend for at least one week. About three days after making the admin, your support will be written on the page. Remember, go to Page Info and also select the page location that is administering the admin to the ID that is written in the city locality, as well as write the address in the page location.
Leave this job by admin and nothing else is enough to make it just admin.

If there is no friend?

If you have no friend who lives in the following countries, there is nothing to panic. Holding an American or a U.K. slave, making it a good idea to administer that he should not remember you. The other way is to make an American Fake ID and make the admin of the page.

If your supported followers, VoIP, and Country Supported Country Supported are complete then apply for an AD break. When applying, these countries must have a bank account.
Now you will ask if the US or those countries do not have a bank?

Where to get a bank account?

You may have heard about Payoneer. Payoneer gives you a free united states bank account and a debit card sitting at home as well as free. That is why you can become the owner of a united states bank account sitting at home.
How to get a Payoneer bank account and a card sitting at home? Please Read this article.

Create a free bank account:

Creating  Payoneer Bank in a bank account, you will be asked to address. So you can enter any Fake American address and type your correct email address. Search Fake Address Google. After getting the Ad breaks, ads will run on your videos, which will bring you revenue. The fifth percentage of advertising revenue will be yours and the remaining part of Facebook. The best option for you to avoid uploading videos which contain copyright issues. The video of the copyrighted video will be deleted from Facebook if the element does not occur, ads will not run on it.
Be sure to read the policy and terms and conditions of the Ad Break so that you do not have any problems.

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How Increase WiFi Speed | 10 Easy Ways To Speed Up WiFi | Free Apk Site

Increase WiFi Speed

WiFi Speed is one of the main issues today, at least it is in our country where faster internet access is considered a great blessing. Due to a number of reasons our internet gets slow, but often It is not known what the reason for this slow-motion is. The principal uses two types of radio frequency to transfer Wi-Fi data. They have a 2.4 GHz orbit of 5 GHz. Most router work between these two frequencies, but the good router picks up a good frequency for you. Let's tell you some of the ways you can increase the speed of a Wi-Fi.
How Increase WiFi Speed | 10 Easy Ways To Speed Up WiFi

Change the router position

WiFi speed depends largely on the router space. Most people do not keep the router in the right place due to which they can not get the fast speed of the internet. If your internet is slow then the angle can be changed by changing the router locations where powerful signals come.

Keep the router away from metals and concrete

Various metals and concrete prevent waves of wifi. Similarly, wireless electronics devices also obstruct Wi-Fi signals. Keep your router away from such things for good internet access.

Router distance

If the router is away from your computer, its signals will also be weakened. Therefore, keep it close to your computer so that you can get signals up to 360 degrees. Use your WiFi extension or repeater if your home is larger, it is used with device devices through which the scope of the signal increases.

Wireless and noise

We have wireless signals of many things like electronic devices, WiFi routers, satellite and cell tower, which interfere with WiFi signals and weaken them. Recently, a software called 'Architectural of Radio' is available in IOS and Android. It lets you know about no visible signals through a map so that you can choose a better place and Wi-Fi speeds do not slow down.

Keep Microway Oven off

Waves from the microwave oven also affect WiFi and if your router is older, these waves become equally dominant. Microway Oven runs at 2.45 GHz frequency while the frequency of WiFi network is usually 2.4 GHz. That's why data delivery is affected by the collision of both the frequency. So if you're using WiFi, it's better to switch the micro way over.

Stay away from the blue tooth

Blue Tooth Application also works on 2.4 GHz frequency. If you want the Internet to get good speed, keep your Bluetooth devices shield well so that they can not scatter the signal. However, it is not easy. Instead, changing Bluetooth frequency can be a better option. If it is not possible, keep your router away from Bluetooth devices

Avoid Fancy Lights

The NC lights also slow down the WiFi routers. The reason for this is that such lights light up the electromagnetic radius that causes Wi-Fi networks to be disrupted. If the lights are burning, the matter may even worsen. LED lights also affect WiFi. Therefore, he also has the same treatment to keep his routine away from such lights.

Turn off unnecessary applications

If several things are downloaded simultaneously, WiFi slows down. Similarly, running multiple applications and software also reduces WiFi speeds because each download takes its speed and space. The simple solution to this problem is that unnecessarily downloading and closing unnecessary windows and applications.

Stay away from people

60% of the human body contains water and can slow down the speed of water radiation waves. So try that your router should be away from the crowd so that it cannot be spared.

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5 Best Selling Phones Of All Time In The World | You Don't Know-Free Apk Site

Best Selling Phones Of All Time:

The phones you are thinking about are not exactly like Samsung's Galaxy S series and a note series of notes series, but no one Android phone is part of this list. Let's see the most popular sales in history have been received.
5 Best Selling Phones Of All Time In The World  You Don't Know-Free Apk Site

1. Nokia 1100 - Sales: Over 250 million

The most recent selling phone in the phone was the Nokia 1100, which you've definitely used or seen. This smartphone was simple, but its design made it very popular. The secret of the popularity of Nokia's Phones phones was everything in it, a strong and standard body, attractive design and low cost.

2. Nokia 1110 - Sales: Over 250 million

Lightweight, strong, cheap and cheap phones, not cameras, nor color display, not the elegant design, nor something like Nokia N70. this device released left behind all of the sales. It was a very fabulous phone call for callers and messengers and play keeper.

3. iPhone 6 and 6+ - Sales: more than 220 million

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the most popular phones in this list. Well, they can not be compared with the latest IOS and Android devices, but they are actually the most popular phones for the 10 most popular mobile devices. His success was 4.7 and 5.5 inches of big screen before it was just 4 inches in iPhone 5. That's why that sold more than three times in its previous model, due to which it had to be a low cost.

4. Nokia 3210 - Sales: Over 150 million

Nokia 3210 is a very simple and old phone and probably when you have not any information about the phone. This phone could only have been calls and messages could be sent. It was a lot of success, due to its color choices and attractive appearance.

5. Nokia 1200 - Sales: over 150 million

Nokia was the largest feature of 1200, its large battery, 7 hours talk time and a 3-hour standby. It also had a beautiful flashlight that makes it very popular among the people but there was nothing special about the phone. Just Nokia made it beautiful shaped, strong and cheap. Then spread it around the world.  That's why Nokia sold 1200 million mobiles.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Top 5 Free Travel Apps 2019 For Smartphone | Free Apk Site-Tourism Apps

Best Travel Apps For Smartphone:

There are also some smartphone applications that are very helpful during the journey, where there are other preparations for tourism and travel in today's era. So there are color-colored apps for tourists or passengers, but Travel Apps are currently not useful for reference to Pakistan. Well, now mention the apps that are especially beneficial for free and secularization. With the help of weather and routes information, finding hotels, located on the ground, and identifying it, stars, planets, speeds, directions, and the surface is more than the sea. And you can also make a complete track of your journey and you can see where you are currently or sitting on your own online home. These apps know more than all this. There are several benefits of using them during travel and tourism. Let's look at these apps detailed.


The first and important thing for tourism is the tourist or area of the area. The best app to know about the weather at my point is AccuWeather. If the internet is available, through this app, you can take a detailed check of the weather hours. This is usually available in smartphones. If not, Android can install this link with smartphones. Automatically tone with iPhones and find yourself from your specified store. 

Google Maps:

The second most important thing after the weather is the map of routes and important places. The Google Maps app is printed around the world for maps. This can be found from one place to another and the travel time. Instead, it travels while traveling. Apart from this, the situation in traffic is also important. An option of Google Maps can also be directly indicated (live sharing) of your location via Location Sharing. It has many advantages. For example, if you want to meet a servant, share it with your servant or share your location, and then Google Map lets you get to this location, the app will guide. In addition to sitting in your own online home, you can see where you are or where you are going. This will be all when the Internet is available. But Google Maps is a great feature offline map. Whenever you have to go to an area, download the area of this area from the home as an offline map. Even if the internet does not get available then maps of places and places are available. There are several other apps to search for hotels, but I also take this work from Google Maps. In addition to the sites you visit during the tour, I also save them in Google Maps. This app is already available on smartphones. If not, Android can install this link.

GPS Status & Toolbox:

Compass is needed, I want to know directions, see my speed, change your rate of speed, I know the acceleration, or reach it somewhere, its latitude If this site's level is required to find Altitude, the "GPS Status and Toolbox" is the best app for all. Not only this but via this app, you can also save your current location and return home and view saved places on the map. Saved places can also be exported to your mobile or computer by exporting. This app can also share your existing locality copy or share with others. Also, the more sensors in the smartphone, the app's functions will grow so much. For example, if the temperature is a sensor, this app will also tell the temperature. The same will tell the pressure from the air pressure sensor. Android users can install this app from this link.

My Tracks:

The name of the My Tracks app was from Google first. But why do not Google close the app, though it was a great app? Well, there is a second app with this name. With this app, you can track your route. From where you go, this app will be recorded. After returning from a trip, you can see on the map where you passed. One advantage of this app also is to track tracks to a place and then be returned as per the same track. If you are forgetting the return path, the app can be detected. The track created by this app can also be shared with other users using the app and who can share their tracks. In addition, the track can also be exported to mobile or computer by exporting. My Tracks app link.


Tourism or general conditions, whenever you want to find the location of sun, moon and stars rotation, the international space station (ISS) or Hubble Space Telescope etc, use the ski-wave app. The biggest advantage of this app is that if you star a smartphone on any star, this app tells the star's name. During the nightlight, if the photography is to be done in the night, this app shows how much stars are on or in the picture, the main stars coming. What are their names? Apart from this, the moon and the sun also indicate the arm of the galaxy and it is known that at this time, they are all around and as far as possible, they will reach the desired location of the photography. Skyview app link.

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4 Best Free Online Screen Recorder Software For PC-No Watermark-Free Apk Site

 Online Best Screen Recorder:

Today, we will provide you with information about four free best screen recorder software in this article that can record all types of videos. Separately from these four screen recorder, you will get enough screen recorder on the internet, but these four-screen recorders for you have chosen from us because you can record your videos in HD, as well as any of the Watermark, will not be found here. Being free, the company will not give its watermark. The third reason is that in these four screen reorders, you will not find any limitation of video recording. You can record custom videos. You can record the unlimited screen. The features are very good. They will get your video editing tools. All the different shapes will match. The blur action will also be available. If you like this, you can earn them. Otherwise, you can work on it working today. They will not have to buy a bucket, they are free forever. See what they are looking for. What are these four screen recorder and what are their features?

4 Best Free Online Screen Recorder Software For PC-No Watermark-Free Apk Site

1. Icecream Screen Recorder:

The first screen recorder name is the icecream screen recorder. It's an absolutely free screen recorder. you do not have to pay any money to its company. It can make for you the best quality videos. This screen recorder can easily use in both Windows and Mac operating systems. It has many key features. It has the first feature area selection. You can also record the full screen or the specific screen through it. In addition, you will find the drawing panel Through this you can identify a point of view. It will also provide you with a webcam option, through which you can use your video recorder as well as your video. Here You will not find any watermark of the company, but you can put your own watermark. In this case, you will get three options for video quality high, medium and low. You can easily zoom a point In this screen recorder, you also get the option to edit the video through which you can also edit your recorded video.

2. Apowersoft Screen Recorder:

The second screen recorder is an Apowersoft screen recorder. It lets you get two options by downloading it and online. But the quality of the online screen recorder is very good.  It is also the perfect free screen recorder. Its interface is simple. And it is also very easy to use. It can record as much as you want. It has no limit on screen recording. You will not get any watermark of the company as well as the option of the webcam. You can also get your own video through it. This is a pretty good screen recorder to see once using the screen recorder.

3.OBS Studio Screen Recorder:

The third screen recorder name is OBS Studio. It's an open broadcaster software. The making principal of this screen recorder is live broadcasting. If you broadcast live on YouTube, then you can get this software better. You can also record it through a webcam. This screen recorder can easily use the window and mac and Linux all operating system. This is also a free screen recorder. Its interface is a bit difficult. It can take a little bit to understand But it is good to use. it's very good to record high-quality videos. It will not get any drawing panel in it. No option to zoom to the utterances you will not find any company Watermark has no limit to the recording screen.

4.ShareX Screen recorder:

The fourth screen recorder name is ShareX screen recorder. You can download it in Window seven, Window eight and Window Ten and record a high-quality video. You can also record the full screen or the specific screen through it. Inside you can put effects and make your own watermark too. You can also open it in your image editor. This gives you plenty of text and shapes. You can also record unlimited screen in this screen recorder. You can also edit your recorded video. This is also a free screen recorder.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Protect Whatsapp Account With Simple Settings-Secure Whatsapp ID-Free Apk Site

How To Protect Your Whatsapp:

Today, a very sensitive type of issue is a matter of concern bring for you if you want your Whatsapp will not be hacked and no one can hack your Whatsapp, then today we will tell you about Whatsapp secret settings after doing those settings your Whatsapp Will be completely safe. This is a matter of sensitive innovation that we can enter into the tension because such incidents have come in Pakistan when many Whatsapp accounts are hacked and very series type blackmailing was done. Actually, it is that many who are criminal mind people hack Whatsapp account, they restore your old and new data and information. You've got to chat with someone or send videos or pictures to anyone, they get all of this information.

Protect Whatsapp Account With Simple Settings-Secure Whatsapp ID-Free Apk Site

When they have all the sensitive types of information, then they start blackmailing you. That's why it is important that you save your Whatsapp from being hacked so that you have not come to a bad case.

To safeguard your Whatsapp account, you can take some precautions to prevent yourself and your loved ones from hacking. If you make these settings in your Whatsapp account than any power of the world will not be able to hack your Whatsapp account. And this setting is just a minute work. So let's see which setting is that we can make our Whatsapp account completely secure so that no one can harm us.

Whatsapp Secret Settings:

First, open your Whatsapp android app in your mobile then simply click on the three dots given top right corner on the Whatsapp app as shown in the screenshot below and then click on the settings as shown in the screenshot.

After clicking on the setting option then click on the account and you need to choose two-step verification and enable the two-step verification by clicking on the enable button as shown in screenshots given below. when you will enable two-step verification then enter any 6 digits your pin this pin will prove to be secure your Whatsapp, then confirm your 6 digits pin in next step.then the next important step is to enter your email address, this is very necessary because if you forget your 6 digits pin then you will be able to restore your pin by your email id. So enter your personal email id here so no one can hack or restore your id or your pin. Then confirm your email id and on the last click on the done button. Now your save from any type of hacking. Use your WhatsApp with your enjoyment. See Screenshots below



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Winzo Gold Apk Free Download-Make Money With Android App-Free Apk Site

Money Making Android App 2019:

In today's era, everyone wants to make money in some way and want to get hope as soon as possible. Many people are conscious that they sit at home and do some work so that they can earn money sitting at home. Some people want to earn money through the internet, but they do not know the exact way, because they fail to work. Some people want to earn on their mobile and if you want to earn money on your mobile phone sitting at home then In this article you have a way that you can earn money on your mobile by sitting at home. Just you have to install an app on your mobile phone. This mobile app will really helpful for you to make some money on your mobile. Just follow these instructions then you will be able to make or earn money. Basically, this is a money making an android app for Indian peoples. If you are from India then this app is only and only for you to make or generate extra money then others. So let's start it complete information about this amazing android earns money app.

Winzo Is Best Earning App in 2019

Winzo Android App:

Winzo android app is especially for Indian peoples where they can work and make money on their Android phones daily. This is a real earning android app which pays you via paytm account. Here you can make money daily in many ways. Here all the tasks are very easy. For using this app first you need to be a signup for this app. This is a real and trusted an android app to earn money. Here you earn much money by playing games. Basically, Winzo app pays you for playing games. You can earn money by playing lots of games. Here you will get lots of games, you will not be able to get it just before you should invest only one Indian rupee. If you share this app and an app installs, you will get 5 rupees. In addition, there are other steps in this app that you can earn money. Check The Winzo Android App For More Money. Download this app from the given link below

Features Of Winzo Android App:

  • Bigger Prize Money
  • Stay Updated
  • Prize Pool
  • Earn With Playing Games
  • Play And Win
  • Simple And Easy Interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Paytm Payout
  • Real And Trusted
  • Latest Version

How To Download Winzo App:

Click on the given download link below then enter your mobile number and click on Download button then install this App and make money with playing games and some other ways. Win extra money with simply quiz and watching ads etc. For more information check screenshots below.