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Top 5 Magical Secret Codes For Android-Latest Hidden Mobile Codes Collection-freeapksite

Magical Secret Codes For Phones:

As you know that is the best site to download free android apps and android games. Here you can find every type of Android App & Android game easily and free. So now this article shows you best and hidden secret codes for your phone that codes will change your speed and style of using the phone. These magical secret codes will unlock best-hidden features of your android phone that you should know. If you use these amazing secret codes in your phone you can get more benefits and that codes will helpful for you & your phone. You can get better information about your phone with the help of these secret codes.

Top 5 Best Secret Codes For Android 2019
Top 5 Best Secret Codes For Android 2019

With the help of these secret codes you can check that which one is trying to hack or track your phone,you can check the life of your phone and mobile’s battery,you can get complete information about the usage of your phone and battery,you can call your friends without showing your number,you can check imei code and much more. So let’s start it

1.  *#*#4636#*#*

This is an amazing secret code for you to check complete information about the phone. With the help of this code you can check complete detail about your mobile’s sims, for example, IMEI number, sim number, current network, signal strength, voice service, data service, data network type, voice call status, roaming and much more. This secret mobile code will tell you complete information about your mobile’s battery for example battery status, power plug, battery level, battery scale, battery health, battery voltage, battery temperature, battery technology and time since boot. This code will tell you about your phone’s usage statistics and information about your wifi connection.

2.  *#21#

This code is very useful for everyone. After type this code in your phone’s dialer you need to press ok then this secret code will show you information that someone forward your call or not. This code informs you about your mobile’s forwarding detail for example: call forwarding voice, data forward, fax forwarding, SMS forwarding, sync forwarding, packet forwarding, pad forwarding etc.*#21# code is a complete solution of your phone to get information about your data forwarding or hacking.

3. ##02#

If you came to know that someone is forwarding your calls, SMS, data or anything else and you want to stop your forwarding detail then this code will very useful for you to stop your call or SMS forwarding. This secret code is work properly to stop someone’s mobile call, SMS or data forwarding. ##02# code is a complete solution to your question that how to stop call or SMS forwarding in a mobile phone.

4. 31#

If you want to call anyone without showing your mobile number then this secret mobile code is best for you. 31# code is especially for making outgoing calls without showing mobile number. So we may say that 31# code is the best source code to call anyone without showing my mobile number.

5. *#06#

If you want to see your IMEI code only then this secret code is best for checking IMEI code. *#06# secret code is the best code to get complete detail about mobile’s IMEI codes.

We hope that these secret mobile codes will be helpful for you. We think that everyone should know about these hidden mobile codes so that they will be able to solve the smart problems of their mobile phone.

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