Friday, 8 February 2019

Protect Whatsapp Account With Simple Settings-Secure Whatsapp ID-Free Apk Site

How To Protect Your Whatsapp:

Today, a very sensitive type of issue is a matter of concern bring for you if you want your Whatsapp will not be hacked and no one can hack your Whatsapp, then today we will tell you about Whatsapp secret settings after doing those settings your Whatsapp Will be completely safe. This is a matter of sensitive innovation that we can enter into the tension because such incidents have come in Pakistan when many Whatsapp accounts are hacked and very series type blackmailing was done. Actually, it is that many who are criminal mind people hack Whatsapp account, they restore your old and new data and information. You've got to chat with someone or send videos or pictures to anyone, they get all of this information.

Protect Whatsapp Account With Simple Settings-Secure Whatsapp ID-Free Apk Site

When they have all the sensitive types of information, then they start blackmailing you. That's why it is important that you save your Whatsapp from being hacked so that you have not come to a bad case.

To safeguard your Whatsapp account, you can take some precautions to prevent yourself and your loved ones from hacking. If you make these settings in your Whatsapp account than any power of the world will not be able to hack your Whatsapp account. And this setting is just a minute work. So let's see which setting is that we can make our Whatsapp account completely secure so that no one can harm us.

Whatsapp Secret Settings:

First, open your Whatsapp android app in your mobile then simply click on the three dots given top right corner on the Whatsapp app as shown in the screenshot below and then click on the settings as shown in the screenshot.

After clicking on the setting option then click on the account and you need to choose two-step verification and enable the two-step verification by clicking on the enable button as shown in screenshots given below. when you will enable two-step verification then enter any 6 digits your pin this pin will prove to be secure your Whatsapp, then confirm your 6 digits pin in next step.then the next important step is to enter your email address, this is very necessary because if you forget your 6 digits pin then you will be able to restore your pin by your email id. So enter your personal email id here so no one can hack or restore your id or your pin. Then confirm your email id and on the last click on the done button. Now your save from any type of hacking. Use your WhatsApp with your enjoyment. See Screenshots below