Saturday, 23 March 2019

4 Best Apps To Learn Car Driving Easily On Android - Free Apk Site

Best Apps To Learn Car Driving:

Learning to drive cars can be a fascinating and fun experience. There are many driving schools that you can attend to receive the practical entertainment necessary to learn to drive. However, you also have the option of trying some car driving simulators on Android to practice before trying to get your driving license. Considering that the theoretical part is also very important at the time of getting the driver's license, we have compiled the 4 best applications to learn to drive and we present them to you next.

Dr. Driving 2:

Self-proclaimed the "greatest mobile driving simulator of all time", Dr. Driving 2 is undoubtedly a game that you must try on your Android if you want to learn how to drive. In it, you will drive a virtual car in the first person and respect all traffic rules to earn points. At a visual level, it is quite attractive and has many challenges to test your driving skills. It also has an online mode to compete with your friends and show that you are the best driver.

Car Driving School Simulator:

If you are looking for a driving simulator around the city with highly realistic mechanics, this is the application you should download. Keep in mind that this app is not the typical racing game for Android, but a fairly complete simulator with various missions that will test your skills to drive correctly and comply with traffic regulations. Just when starting Car Driving School Simulator you will be taught all the basic driving rules in closed circuits. The best thing about this simulator is that it has an online multiplayer mode where the most correct driver will be the winner.

Parking Mania 2:

Do you have problems parking the car? Do not say more, Parking Mania 2 is the simulator you need. This game helps you understand the dynamics of parking a vehicle, whether it is reversed or in parallel. In Parking Mania 2 you will have to park different models of cars in different public places or garages. Thus, without realizing it, you will improve your ability to park cars in real life. Although the graphics of this game are not the best, it can be said that their mechanics are realistic enough to make parking a challenge that is not easy to overcome.

Driving Theory Test 4:

This application contains more than 1200 driving school tests that you can do for free to see how well you know the driving theory of cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other means of transport. Even though Todo Test is constantly updated with new tests, to use it, an Internet connection is not required, which allows you to review your driving knowledge at all times from your Android. Undoubtedly, this app is the best one to prepare your theoretical driving test.