Wednesday, 13 March 2019



Delicious coffee will help you wake up in the morning, maintain vigor throughout the day, add to your life a feeling of being full. But for some reason, not everyone can brew such coffee.

Delicious coffee and instant coffee - mutually exclusive concepts. Instant coffee can be drunk only in the most extreme situations when there is nothing more at hand. So what follows is only natural coffee, for the manufacture of which high-quality coffee beans are used, roasted and ground according to all the rules. And, of course, we will talk about coffee, brewed by hand: a good barista will not compete with coffee machines and coffee makers. Cofeelifious helps to make delicious coffee and they are the one who provides various gadgets for coffee.

Fresh coffee is the key to success:

The sort of coffee for a non-specialist usually does not matter. Coffee-free people prefer coffee with sugar and flavored: coffee with the aromas of cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, and various nuts. Coffee lovers pay attention not only to the variety but also to the degree of roasting, fineness of grinding, the density of the foam. Snobs among Coffee Man almost more than among wine lovers. But in any case, the first thing to do is to buy a good coffee bean.

When buying, make sure that the coffee you buy does not stand close to the lamps illuminating the shop window. Light and heat are detrimental to the grain. You need to buy the freshest coffee you can find. If you know how to fry the grain - take the green, so that each time to prepare the freshest drink. Bought coffee store in an airtight container. And do not make strategic reserves: quite a week. Prefer 100% Arabica-Robusta tastes rougher, besides sour and contains more caffeine.

Ground coffee immediately after grinding begins to lose its aroma and taste, so it should not be ground for future use. Put in the coffee grinder exactly as many coffee beans as you need for one or two cups. Grinding the coffee that you will be cooking in the Turk (cezve, and even a simple dipper) should be very thin.

Brew coffee properly:

As soon as you grind the coffee beans (and you should almost get coffee powder), start making coffee. Pure spring water is poured into the Turk, two teaspoons of ground coffee are added per serving, and if desired, a spoon or two sugars. The water should reach the very neck of the pots. Make coffee should be on low heat. Ideally, the hot sand should be used for this, but for the average kitchen, it is clearly overkilled. As for water, nothing can spoil the taste of coffee as chlorinated tap water. Use pure water, but still not distilled, otherwise, the taste of the drink will significantly impoverish.

As soon as the coffee starts to boil, and the foam rises higher, remove the pots off the heat and let the coffee calm down a bit. The foam has settled - put the poker again on the fire. Repeat three times. After this coffee is ready, you can pour it into cups. 

Coffee Experiments:

Many people like to color the taste of coffee with different additives. For example, cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, ground cloves, black pepper, and even fresh garlic are added to the Turk. A popular coffee additive is sea salt. Adds spiciness to the coffee ginger root, piquancy - star anise. Delicious coffee is obtained by boiling it with ground hazelnuts or walnuts. Instead of sugar, you can sometimes put honey in a Turk.