Sunday, 28 April 2019

5 Best Apps for Android and IOS to remove Red Eyes in photos

Best Apps for Android and IOS

We collect 5 of the best applications to remove red eyes in photos of animals and people. For mobile phones with Android and iPhone. Although Photoshop is the best application for photo retouching for computers, the truth is that its complexity of use is not suitable for all audiences. That is why we are forced to resort to third-party applications to perform such basic editions as removing red eyes in photos or modifying the general appearance of our face. Another option is to use pages to remove red eyes from an online photo. A few days ago we saw five applications to lose body and face in photos and seven other applications to recreate analog photography. Today we will show you five pages and applications to remove red eyes on Android and iPhone.

5 Best Apps for Android and IOS to remove Red Eyes in photos

  • Photoshop Express

If Photoshop for Windows and Mac requires a certain learning curve to eliminate red-eye, the mobile version is as simple as any other photo editing application for Android and iOS. The application in question has a multitude of tools that allow us, among other things, to correct the red eyes of an image with just a touch of a finger. It also allows us to remove red eyes from animals and manually configure the editing through the Photoshop Express options.
We can download it by clicking on this link.

  • Picsart

Next to Photoshop Express, one of the best applications to edit photography and eliminate red eyes from photos. In addition to including different options to remove the red eyes of animals and people, includes many effects and tools to improve the appearance of our face. Best of all, it has multi-layer editing, similar to Photoshop for computers. From this link, we can download the application in the Play Store.

  • Snapseed

Although it does not include specific options to remove red eyes, its stain remover tool is able to eliminate any protrusion that the system automatically detects in our face. Of the three applications that we have just seen is the one that has the greatest number of options to edit face features so we can change the tone, position, and relief of our face, as well as removing dark circles, black spots, and impurities in general. Clicking on this link we can download the app on the mobile.

  • Pixlr

If we prefer to opt for an online editor, PIXLR is the best tool to remove red eyes online. Since it has an interface very similar to Photoshop for computers, the best thing will be to use a computer screen to edit the photos in the most comfortable way possible. The downside is that, like the aforementioned Adobe tool, requires a certain learning curve to learn to remove red eyes. We can also use the application for Android and iOS, although this does not have the same number of options as the online version. To access the web, we must click on this other link, yes, we must have Java enabled.

  • Photogenic

A photo editor aimed specifically at editing faces in photographs, as well as bodies. Not only allows you to remove red eyes and change their color, but also has many options that allow us to clarify the white of the teeth, add makeup and change aspects such as the brightness of the face or the shadow of the eyes, in addition to adding tattoos personalized We can download the application by clicking on this link.