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5 Tips for Making Quality Coated Coffee - Coffee Making Using Coffee Maker

5 Tips for Making Quality Coated Coffee

Among those who love coffee, there are those who do not love the good old coffee. Coffee is inserted in almost every moment of our day. Whether it's a break for rest or in times of meeting and sharing, it's the "fuel" booster. For this reason, we list 5 tips to make a quality draft.

5 Tips for Making Quality Coated Coffee - Coffee Making Using Coffee Maker

According to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), about 79% of the Brazilian population consumes coffee. In addition, coarse coffee is the most widely used method nationally. But, although it is a customary habit, some errors in the preparation can contribute negatively to the final quality of the drink. It is not like a cake recipe, the preparation goes according to the preference of who to taste and share the moment. Here are some valuable tips that can positively help your coffee brew. Enjoy your single cup of coffee by reviewing the website 10ion and it helps you a lot.

See the step by step:

  1. When choosing Coffee Machine, you can choose the coffee that has already been ground or the coffee beans, which must be ground in time, for an even fresher and tastier coffee. Always check that the best coffees, such as gourmet coffee, for example, have specific characteristics that stand out in aroma and quality. To be considered gourmet, coffee must have 100% Arabica beans, with little or no imperfection and above 80 points. Evaluate the type of grain, the roast point, body, sweetness and more details such as the region of origin and product certifications on the packaging.
  2. The water must be filtered or mineral because tap water contains chlorine, which can weaken some substances of the coffee, causing loss of quality in its final characteristic. The water does not need to be boiled, the ideal temperature is 90ยบ, before the bubble.
  3. We recommend measuring 10g of powder for each 100ml of water, but this can vary according to the intensity and quality of the beverage you want. Some specialty Single Serve coffee maker, for example, result in a softer drink without the addition of sugar. Another important tip for better extraction is to add water from the center of the colander to the sides in circular motions. The Reviews of Single Serve Coffee Maker you can find at 10ion.
  4. Heat the filter/strainer: pass the hot water into the container before inserting the powder, this removes impurities from the paper and also prevents the coffee from suffering a bitter and thermal shock.
  5. Pre-infusion is another important step to take. These are the small amounts of water that are inserted slowly into the coffee powder. The more pre-infusions are made, the tastier the coffee is because as the water moistens the coffee, it extracts its essential oils.
And you're ready to taste and Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews will help you. In addition to being tasty, coarse coffee pleases the palate of lovers of a less intense coffee and can be combined with cakes, bread, sweets and salty, not to mention the scent that spreads throughout the environment!