Wednesday, 24 April 2019

How to speed up Android - 6 Tricks to make your Android Faster

Speed Up Your Android Phone:

All mobile phones happen at some point that they end up going slower. For different reasons, our phone is not going as fast as before, but not everything is lost. There are still things we can do to keep it stable and give it a plus speed. With these tricks that we offer you will get the images, videos, animations, apps and the browser load much better. In addition to improving usability so you do not get to despair. If you are already thinking about changing your terminal because you can not stand its slowness or even your new device and you notice that it is not going so fast, you must understand that with daily use this is something that can happen. That is why it is important that you take certain measures to reduce this common problem.

How to speed up Android - 6 Tricks to make your Android Faster

6 Tricks For Your Android To Go Faster:

Here we will tell you the best 6 tricks which can make your android faster.

 1. Keep Your Android Clean

With regard to cleaning, we refer to everything you usually do not use and it is unnecessary. Take a look at the applications you have and uninstall those that you no longer use. It is also necessary that you are erasing temporary Internet files. And as for the downloads of images and videos, consider saving them on your computer or in the cloud. This will give your Android a break and help you load faster, since everything you accumulate consumes resources, and as a result, it slows down more and more. It is essential to do cleaning from time to time. Even the most current mobile and with better resources will end up needing it.

2. Deactivate Your Mobile Animations

Through this setting, you will notice a significant change in the speed of your terminal. These animations are not useful and are interfering, so we encourage you to deactivate them. To do this you must go to settings, system, about the phone and press 7 times where it puts compilation number. At that time you become a developer and you can access the developer options, which you will find in the system section.

3. Lite Version Applications

Did you know that many applications use a light version? Android lite apps are a very interesting alternative that you should consider. It is among the best solutions to free space in the memory of our terminal. Applications like Gmail, Twitter or YouTube have their lite version. If you do not care about all its features, you are interested in installing this smaller and simplified version.

4. Disconnect The Mobile Services

There are mobile services that when you are no longer using them, you should disable them. Services such as GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth are usually used and kept active despite not being necessary. Disconnecting these services after their use will improve the speed of your device. Once inside the developer options, in the drawing section, it deactivates the following functions: window animation scale, transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. After deactivating these options you will see how you have increased the speed of your device.

5. Attend The Updates

We advise you to keep your terminal updated to the latest software version. Same applications. Always try to have the latest versions. These new updates are usually released to solve errors and security problems. Sometimes it is performance failures since some functions or apps can consume more RAM than necessary. That's why whenever you see an update try to apply it, try to have the latest version.

6. Applications To Improve The Performance Of Your Android

Some applications are made to improve the performance of our mobile device. If you want one of these applications to improve the speed of your terminal, we recommend that you see what its functions are and install the one that may be most useful to you.

  • All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox allows you to speed up your phone and extend battery usage. This application helps you in the entire process of installing and uninstalling apps, so you can even easily move them to an SD card. Block advertising and control tasks in the background so that your RAM is not affected. Also, identify any junk files and system utilities that are not necessary and occupy valuable space in your computer's memory.

  • Android Cleaner

To obtain a higher speed it is essential that you optimize your terminal. Android Cleaner consists precisely in that, it will serve to optimize the performance of your device. Remove everything that is not necessary for your system and delete junk and duplicate files. It also cleans the cache memory and optimizes RAM space. These cleaning processes can be done both manually and scheduled.

  • Duplicator Cleaner

One of the tasks we usually have pending for our terminal to work better is to take a look at the hundreds of images and multimedia files we have accumulated. The Duplicates Cleaner application has the specific mission of deleting all the audios, videos, and images that are duplicated in the memory of our Android system. Everything that is unnecessary eliminates it, significantly improving the optimization. Applying and taking into account these simple tips will extend the life of your terminal and you will get tired of it. As you will have verified it is not only the resources you have but the use you make with it and the optimizations that you apply to make it work better. Start up some of these tricks and you will notice the difference.