Saturday, 6 April 2019

Microsoft Will Take Xbox Live To IOS And Android - Free Apk Site

Xbox Live to iOS and Android

Microsoft continues to strive to bring Xbox to as many platforms as possible. First, it was Xbox Play Anywhere, to play certain Xbox One games in Windows 10, and now it's time to bring Xbox Live to iOS and Android devices.

The Bill Gates company has always advocated for cross-platform connectivity, also allowing cross-play with other companies' platforms. Examples of this are Fortnite, Minecraft or Rocket League. A month ago, rumors about the possibility of connecting on iOS and Android to Xbox Live, now come true with the official announcement made by Microsoft itself.

With this software development kit (SDK) they seek to promote new applications by using Xbox Live services. In this way, we will have all the features of Xbox Live on our mobile or tablet. On the one hand, developers can include famous achievements, Gamerscore, the list of friends or clubs. The games that belong to Microsoft, such as Minecraft, will no longer be the only ones to have these functionalities

In addition, this SDK comes with new tools within the Microsoft Game Stack package, focused on the game in the cloud, chat for games or matchmaking. With all this, they intend to help the developers in their work with their own tools.

The best thing is that Microsoft could not stay here. Do not forget that Xbox Game Pass, Game App and Microsoft games would come to Nintendo Switch according to a rumor. What is clear is that Microsoft has put the batteries in recent years reaching the largest number of platforms and acquiring and founding studios. And remember that the thing does not end here, because Microsoft plans to acquire more studies in 2019, according to an insider.