Sunday, 21 April 2019

Way to see hidden results of google on chrome or Firefox - Unlock Google

How to unlock Google:

There is an extension in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to showcase the types of rides that Google automatically hides. Google receives a DMA complaint about a webpage instead of displaying the search resource. Google does not eliminate all such rails, but hiding some rivalry gives information to users. Users want to see these hidden search results, however, Google is an extension that automatically shows all the results to users. This extension shows the hidden rails at the bottom of the search page so users can easily see them.

Way to see hidden results of google on chrome or Firefox -Unlock Google

This extension creates a list of such items that Google has delighted. Google delights the bus title from such a way that consumers can not guess the page without having to visit the page. Sometimes clicking on the link does not work by clicking on the link. Google Unlock is an open source extension. It works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other Chrome-based browsers like Opera or Visual Studio.

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