Thursday, 9 May 2019

5 Professional Photo Editors Online You Should Know In 2019

Professional Photo Editors Online:

If you are one of those people who make a Photoshop world, you are too lazy to use it or you just do not have it installed on your computer and you need to edit your photos, you should not worry. Currently, we can find online a wide variety of fairly simple photo editors that give us a very interesting result when editing our images. Most of these editors are free, if not in their entirety, the most common tools are. Here we present a selection of the most used online photography editors on the web.

5 Professional Photo Editors Online You Should Know In 2019

Fotor is one of the most complete photographic editors that we can find online. It has a good collection of tools, effects and free filters. If we want to expand the collection of options we must subscribe and we can even have our own cloud of the program to be able to save our images. Even so, the free options are very interesting and we can find basic editing tools like cropping, straightening, color adjustments, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness. We can also work with the curves and even add a vignetting. As in other editors, we can also create collages with our images, add text, stickers, frames and we even have an option called Beauty where we can find very curious adjustments like Clone, Remove wrinkles, Soften the skin.

Possibly the most complete online editor that exists at our disposal on the Internet. Pixlr has an interface that reminds us of a lot of Photoshop, has countless tools and editing options. We have very interesting free options that will allow us to edit our images perfectly since, as we have said before, it is very similar to Photoshop. We can use the classic magic wand to select, the loop, the eraser, clone buffer and a long list of other tools. We can work with layers, it has a selection of filters that we can apply and a text editor.

Ribbet is a powerful photo editor that we can use from our browser. It offers more than 30 effects to choose from and a selection of common retouching tools among which we find crop, resize and rotate, text layers, stickers, retouching, and frames. In addition, Ribbet is characterized by a series of fun functions such as the addition of stickers made with times of the year or holidays such as Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Halloween or even special social days like the Movember movement.

FotoJet is a very practical and intuitive online photo editor that has the basic features needed to edit our photos for free. Fotojet is free although it has advanced options that fall within a subscription. We can edit photos using the basic options such as crop, resize, rotate and straighten. It also has a repertoire of options such as adding text, photographic filters such as vintage photo effect, chromatic effect or spine effect. It also has the option of adding frames, an interesting tool for overlaying images and the option to add clipart images and give a more casual touch to our images.

Photofancy is a free online photo editor. Like the vast majority of editors of this type, it is very intuitive and easy to use. In a few clicks, we managed to edit our images. PhotoFancy is linked to Facebook and allows us to download images directly from the photo album of our Facebook account. Regarding photo editing, there are options such as cropping, adjusting saturation, rotating the photo, editing the contrast, adjusting the color and brightness. We can choose between automatic editing or manual editing of images. It also has a series of more creative and fun options such as the puzzle option, comic book or the Magic name tool to insert names in an "original" way.