Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Honor 20 (Pro) in Hands-on , Specifications, Camera, Review, Mirror reflex

Honor 20 (Pro) in Hands-on:

Honor has presented the Honor 20 and 20 Pro two new top smartphones with the quad camera. We could already look at the devices and get a first impression of ourselves in hands-on. Honor 20 (499 euros) and Honor 20 Pro (599 euros) both come with a quad camera and plenty of features. "The Honor-20 series shown are demo versions that may differ in appearance and function from the final version.
Honor 20 (Pro) in Hands-on , Specifications, Camera, Review, Mirror reflex

Honor 20 Specifications

  • Quad camera with 48 MP main optics
  • ultra wide angle
  • the telephoto lens and macro lens (Honor 20 Pro)
  • 6.26-inch display with on-screen front camera (32 MP)
  • with Kirin 980 current top chipset from Huawei
  • Honor 20 and 20 Pro with a good memory (6 GB / 128 GB or 8 GB / 256 GB)
  • extraordinary design
  • old and wireless charging for Honor 20 Pro desirable
  • both models without certified protection against water and dust
  • Memory not expandable
  • no wireless charging supported
  • No headphone jack


Especially the Honor 20 Pro offers strong camera equipment for its price, coupled with a strong chipset in an extraordinary design. Qualitatively play both models in any case in the premium segment and offer the buyer top hardware for a comparably good price. Even though we would have wished a bit more here and there with regard to the 20 Pro.

Honor has presented in London with the Honor 20 Pro and Honor 20 new top smartphones. This completes the Chinese Honor-20 series, which includes the already presented last week middle-class smartphone Honor 20 Lite. The new smartphones should score above all with their camera equipment and design. With his smartphones, Honor wants to penetrate more and more into the premium market, which is reflected not only in features and pricing but also in new cooperations with network operators such as Telekom. Also, the fact that the global launch does not take place as usual first in China, but in London, shows how important the Chinese market to the Chinese meanwhile.

Whether Honor with the 20 (Pro) in this just start, we know not yet, but we can give you a first impression of the new smartphones before the test. At the end of the article, you will also find an overview of the technical data and a picture gallery.

  1. Honor 20 (6 GB / 128 GB) available from 4 June 2019 for 499 euros.
  2. Honor 20 Pro (8 GB / 256 GB) available early July 2019 for 599 euros.

From near to far: Honor relies on the quad camera

Honor, like Huawei in the P30 series, places special emphasis on the cameras of the two new smartphones - the Honor 20 Pro even gets four focal lengths. Common to both models are the 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle and a macro lens with the 2-megapixel sensor. With this one photographs details from a subject distance of four centimeters. With the main camera Honor, 20 and 20 Pro put on the already well-known from the view 20 Sony sensor IMX586, which dissolves with 48 megapixels. The Pro model benefits from a very large aperture of f / 1.4, which should leave a lot of light on the chip, especially in the dark. According to Honor, such a large aperture was installed in a smartphone for the first time. The Pro also has an optical image stabilizer for sharp photos in addition to the electronics. The latter is missing at the Honor 20.

Honor 20 and 20 Pro (in blue) both come with a 48-megapixel main camera, an ultra-wide angle and a macro lens. The Pro also has a telephoto lens with a 3x optical zoom, whereas the normal 20s gets a depth sensor. Also optically stabilized is the built-in Pro model telephoto with triple optical zoom that snaps photos with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Very far away objects can even be zoomed up to 30 times digital - of course with the corresponding loss of quality. The fivefold hybrid zoom has already convinced us at the first test.

Instead of the Teles, the Honor 20 is equipped with a 2-megapixel depth sensor, which should provide for portraits for better-cropped subjects. The camera equipment of both models also includes a night mode, which is already a must for smartphone manufacturers. Here, Honor could benefit from mother Huawei's software technology. When Pro is thanks to the Teles also a so-called "Handheld Moon Shot" on board, in which the smartphone automatically detects the bright moon and zooming it.

In the prestigious DXO photo benchmark, the Honor 20 Pro reached 111 points, taking second place with the Oneplus 7 Pro, behind the Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, both of which share first place. Instead of on the back, the fingerprint sensor of the Honor 20 (Pro) now sits in the frame and also serves as a power button.

Equipped with a lot of RAM, memory and big batteries

Of course, so much photo-power demands a lot of computing power. This is where the Kirin 980 comes in, whose dual neural processing unit on the Honor 20 (Pro) supports the camera. The chipset clocks up to 2.6 GHz and should be prepared for all current applications. This is the Honor 20 Pro 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of memory to the side. The Honor 20 is still 6 GB and 128 GB of memory, each in the fast UFS 2.1 standard. You also need the amount of memory, because this is not expandable in both models. Dual-SIM is supported.

The power supply takes on the Honor 20 a battery with 3,750 mAh, the Pro may use 4,000 mAh to a little more juice. Both energy bars are charged via the 22.5-Watt power supply. Despite the back of the glass, Honor once again relinquishes wireless charging via the Qi standard. Speaking of back: This is once again a real eye-catcher. Depending on the angle at which the Honor 20 Pro is viewed, the gradient changes. The Pro is available in Phantom Blue and Black - Blue and Purple. "The Honor-20 series shown are demo versions that may differ in appearance and function from the final version."

Extravagant design, no surprise in the display

As with View 20, the appearance of their devices is important to the Chinese. The intense colors of the Honor 20 Pro are created by small prisms. The gradient changes depending on the viewing angle. In order to bring the design to full advantage, the fingerprint sensor had to wander into the power button in the frame. Certified protection against dust and water is not offered by Honor 20 Pro and 20. But both smartphones are very well in the hand thanks to the rounded edges on all sides. On the front, we look at the same display as the Honor View 20 - for both versions. This means that instead of an OLED, an LCD is used again and you get a resolution of 1,080 x 2,310 pixels at 6.26 inches diagonal. Also in the game is the in-display camera in the upper left corner. It dissolves on the Honor 20 (Pro) with 32 megapixels. About them, 2-D face recognition is realized. Users do not need to continue on stereo speakers and now also on the jack. The LC display of the Honor 20 (Pro) is known from the View 20. It offers 6.26 inches diagonal and dissolves with 1080 x 2,310 pixels.

Conclusion, price, availability and technical data

The Honor 20 Pro will be offered at the end of June for 599 euros in the colors Phantom Black and Phantom Blue. For Honor 20, 499 euros are estimated. It comes in the colors Saphirre Blue, Black and Icelandic White. Focusing on strong camera equipment is just what the Honor 20 Pro finds, which offers a wealth of possibilities due to the different optics. Both in processing and in the equipment, Honor docks with the devices in the premium segment and offers a young target group exactly what they want: a good camera, a lot of battery and memory as well as enough power for current games.

But the prices of Honor are already relatively strong compared to the previous year. In view of the competition like Samsung's S10 or from their own house like Huawei's P30 (Pro), the price is comparably acceptable, but the very young target group Honor will not appeal with the new 20 series. Just for the pro model, we would also have liked a little pinch more, such as an OLED display or wireless charging. The competition does not sleep and also already offers strong equipment in the price region.

Technical data Honor 20 Pro and Honor 20

  • Housing Honor 20 (Pro): 155 x 74 x 8.4 millimeters
  • Display: LCD with 6.26 inches diagonal, 1,080 x 2,310 pixels
  • Front camera: In the display, 32 megapixel resolution
  • Main Camera Honor 20 Pro: 48-MP Wide Angle (f / 1.4) OIS / EIS; Ultra wide angle with 16 MP (f / 2.2); Telephoto lens with 8 MP (f / 2.4), triple optical zoom, up to 30x digital and OIS / EIS; 2 MP macro 
  • Main Camera Honor 20: 48-MP Wide Angle (f / 1.8); Ultra-wide angle with 16 MP (f / 2.2), macro with 2 MP (f / 2.4), depth sensor with 2 MP
  • Rechargeable battery: fast-charging via 22.5-watt power supply; 3,750 mAh (Honor 20) / 4,000 mAh (Honor 20 Pro)
  • Chipset and memory: Kirin 980 and dual SIM for both models; 8 GB RAM / 256 GB memory (Honor 20 Pro) / 6 GB RAM / 128 GB memory (Honor 20)
  • System: Android 9 with Magic UI 2.1; Fingerprint sensor in frame and face recognition