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Android or iOS Security? Which Is More Secure? iOS or Android Which Is Best?

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Today, you yourself are experiencing that the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day and more than 70% of our users are using smartphones. In this case, if you talk about the market share, then what operating system Is it like Android or iOS? So very simple is the answer that the most are Android. Now the question is if Android is very popular, then if there is a difference between the two, then what operating system would be more secure in view of security?

Android or iOS Security Which Is More Secure iOS or Android Which Is Best

Android or iOS Security? Which Is More Secure?

As you already know that the user of Android smartphone is the most, then you think yourself, who will be more attacking the security of your security? Good friend, one thing to say before you, that you think yourself, whoever attacks someone on any device or steals data, what do they do for? Very simple is the answer that they do for their profit, whether they are profit money or sponsored by a company, such thieves or attackers will always look for a place where the number of users is very high and when Andrew The more we use it, the easier it is to attack more on Android, compared to Apple's iOS, so you should read this post carefully so that you can know which platform is the safest.

iOS or Android Which Is Best?

One thing I can tell you is that the iOS operating system is a completely closed source, meaning that the company does not publicly declare its code, whereas the source code of the Android operating system is completely open because Android is an open source operating system, due to its code Anyone can edit and change the program according to their work which gives a lot of flexibility, but in the case of security, there is also a risk that if there is an app in the wrong hands, it will change and when there is no normal person Will Temal there may then his loss suffer them.

Friends, now the use of the smartphone is so much that people buy goods from mobile banking, e-commerce websites through online money transfer or online banking, so it is very important to keep security in mind. Now if I talk about iOS, because it is a closed source, then it is possible to some extent that the end user, such as the mobile user, cannot edit the code by itself, which will be beneficial to make no mistake by itself. They will do that safe.

Android or iOS will not do any work if it happens

Friends, always remember one thing, whether an operating system in the world can make itself very secure but if the user who uses it will mistake his robbery, hey ha ... so I am saying this Because most of the mistake is caused by the user, which increases their security risk. Like I have already told that the Android operating system is open source, but does it mean that it is useless in terms of security? It gives you so much flexibility that you can change the function of the apps yourself, but the thief or attacker also takes advantage of this and makes your mistake.
Now that you have told yourself, when millions of apps are available on Google's Play Store, free or any other thing, third-party websites download apps from the apps store and open the function with unknown source, so that the thief The chance is given, because the attacker on this type of website steals apps or apps that are very popular by editing it and putting viruses or malware into it and when you install such apps, your device will be controlled by another So will you go Android or will use iOS operating system but had always thought this thing |

But friends, if I tell about overall security, then I would say that the security of iOS is very good as the Apple company checks its hardware even when its device is built, meaning that the iOS operating system will always be in Apple's product But if this is the case of Android, then it is different in the case because it will not be fixed for Android as it will be in the company's device because any manufacturer can be made for the Android OS, due to which the quality of the hardware is guaranteed. Android may not |

Tips For Android User

If you use Android phone, then there is a suggestion for you, the advice is that if you do not have mobile banking, online transactions from your smartphone, then such apps cannot trust, avoid such apps and Never install apps from anywhere else in the play store.