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How To Get Adsense Approval For Blog - Adsense Approval Tricks, Free Apk Site

How To Get Adsense Approval For Blog

Tips for fast blog acceptance by Adsense - Adsense is an internet advertising collaboration program hosted by Google, Adsense is a very popular advertising so many website owners and blogs are eager to become Adsense publishers, if you are a blogger who wants to try registering Adsense, of course, you must meet the conditions set by Adsense. Actually, the admin is not a publisher who has been involved in the Adsense program for a long time, but admin here conveys personal experiences related to Adsense registration. In 2014 the admin was familiar with the blog, and the most bitter experience was that when registering on Adsense it was always stuck, and the admin gave up not to play blogs. but learning from experience the admin can present the blog tips article quickly accepted by Adsense, here are the tips.

How To Get Adsense Approval For Blog - Adsense Approval Tricks, Free Apk Site

  • Pay Attention to Blog Age

The first thing is to pay attention to the age of your blog, why? because very often a beginner's blog rushes to register their blog to Google Adsense without considering the age of the blog logically "Period newborn baby is looking for work". ideally, for signing up for Adsense at least the age of your blog is between the ages of 3-6 months. and admin recommends being more stable try to be over 6 months old.

  • Pay attention to the template

The second thing is Pay Attention because remembering Adsense is an advertising program, of course, we must have a template that can display ads well. the question often asked is. Min, do you have to buy a template? the answer: no, you can search for free templates from the internet, as the template admin uses is a free template. the second question that is often asked is, can we use blogger default templates? the answer: of course you can, but later when you are accepted by Adsense it will be difficult to place the ad position, so it's good to use the Responsive template, which certainly doesn't use excessive tang widgets. and also note the navigation make sure it's not excessive.

  • Original content

The third thing is Original Content, of course, Google will be very happy when you present original content to visitors because Google wants new things, and avoid Copas Results Content, learn to write diligently reading books, and read articles that on the internet.

  • Determining Blog Topics

The fifth thing is determining Blog Topics, Determining Blog Topics is certainly very important because blogs that have a concentrated topic will be easier to create articles that are mutually sustainable. and make sure the topic you choose is mastered.

  • Blogs must comply with Google Terms

The fifth thing is that the Blog must be in accordance with Google Terms, you can see, the feasibility of participating in Adsense

  • Submit Blog to Web Master

The fifth is Submit Blogs to Webmasters. this needs to be done so that each of your posts is fast on the Index by the Google Engine or Bing.

  • Diligently Post Articles

The most important thing is also Diligent Post Articles, by posting post articles diligently, your blog will be easily recognized by search engines, and make sure you post consistently, maybe 1 article in one day or two articles in one week, it depends on you. some bloggers determine the schedule for creating articles.

  • Make sure you register Adsense through a blog

This is also very important, In order to avoid mistakes, please read in How to Register Adsense Through Blogger.