Thursday, 6 June 2019

How to Solve Adsense Rejection Reasons "Inactive Sites" or "Valuable Inventory: No Content"

Adsense Rejection Reasons

Hello friend, welcome back to old visitors, uh ... Faithful, hehe ...: v And welcome to new visitors to this blog. On this occasion, Mimin will share solutions to friends who are often or have been rejected by AdSense. What is the reason for the rejection, and how do you deal with it? Come on, go straight to the scene. Check it out! There are often or have experienced rejection emails from Google AdSense for the reason that "Site Is Not Active" or "Valuable Inventory: No Content" after changing domains to TLD? Even though the blog can be accessed and the content has also been many. The AdSense ad code is also installed on the HTML of the blog.

Solution Of Adsense Rejection Reasons

The purpose of "Inactive Sites" is actually not to emphasize us to continue to actively blog throughout the period of AdSense submission (review), but our blog is indeed not accessible if typing in the wrong or incomplete blog address. For example, my full blog address is (accessible), it can also be written (accessible and will be immediately switched to the https protocol when activating features on the blog, and will be switched to protocol) HTTP automatically if it does not activate the https feature), and can also be written (can be accessed when activating the redirect feature on the blog and will be immediately switched to a more complete domain). 

In essence, the address of our blog is only one but can be accessed with a number of different paths by opening the roads to the features that have been provided. Well, for the solution to the Google AdSense rejection problem with the reason that "Site Not Active" or "Inventory Valuable: No Content" is, you can simply check the domain redirection box on the Publication feature in the Blog Address on Basic Settings, for example from to For more details, please see the screenshot below.

The final word

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