Monday, 10 June 2019

Top 5 Best YouTube Tools and Apps to Grow Your Channel - Best For Beginner

Best YouTube Tools and Apps

Are you Beginner Youtuber? These 5 applications that you must have - YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites in the world and most popular, of course, it opens opportunities for those of you who have the expertise to become youtube partners. Becoming a professional YouTuber is certainly the dream of youtuber creators throughout the world, but to become a professional YouTuber, special expertise and funds are needed. But relax ... you don't feel inferior because you can use 5 alternative applications that can help you become a YouTuber. Under this admin will summarize the 5 applications that must be owned by a beginner youtuber.

Top 5 Best YouTube Tools and Apps to Grow Your Channel - Best For Beginner

1. Application to Record Computer Screen or Android

The first is the application to record a computer screen or Android, why do you record a computer screen or Android, you want to be a YouTube? A good question because this application will help you to produce a video about the activities that you are doing on a computer, usually the computer screen recording application or Android is used by a YouTube gaming or computer tutorial. below this application list records the computer screen that you can try
  1. Action
  2. Xplit GameCaster
  3. Dxtory
  4. Recorder Screen (Android)
  5. DU Recorder (Android)

2. Video Editor Application

The second application is the Video Editor application, of course after you do the recording, of course, the application you need is a video editor application. Because your videos have to be given a little effect or some parts have to be cut before applying to youtube, of course, this application will help you start from the cut, give effect, and give background. Under this is the Veo editor application that admin recommends.
  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Corel Studio
  3. Camtasia
  4. KineMaster (Android)
  5. PowerDirector (Android and PC)
  6. FilmorGo (Android)

3. Audio Editor application

The third is the Audio editor application, of course, it is incomplete if the video that you uploaded youtube does not have an interesting background, this one application will help you provide audio effects, mix audio, cut audio, to eliminate vocal music. Below is an example of an audio editing application that you can try.
  1. Audacity (PC)
  2. Studio One Prime (PC)
  3. Podium (PC)
  4. PoketBand (Android)
  5. WavePad (Android)

4. Sound Recorder application

The next is the Sound Recorder application, actually, this application is usually available on every PC or Android but if we use the default application from our PC or Android then the features provided are very limited. This application serves to record suras when you make a video vlog or video tutorial. The following is a sound recorder application that admin can recommend.
  1. Free Studio Record (PC)
  2. Jet Audio Basic (PC)
  3. Recordpad Studio Recoding (PC)
  4. FL Studio Mobile (Android)
  5. Music Maker Clock (Android)

5. File Conversion Application

The last is the File Conversion application, the file conversion application is of course you need because some of the above applications do not support all types of Viedo or Audio, of course, this application will help to convert your audio or video files for example From Wav to MP3 this application will help. Below are applications that you can try.
  1. Format Factory (PC and Android)
  2. Free Make Video Converter (PC)

That is the application that you must have if there are applications that admin hasn't mentioned yet, your comments.