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Top Level Domain (TLD) Definition, Use, and Examples - What is a Top Level Domain?

Top Level Domain (TLD) Definition, Use, and Examples - before discussing what is Top Level Domain, of course, we first discuss at a glance about the meaning of Domain.

Top Level Domain (TLD) Definition, Use, and Examples - What is a Top Level Domain

What is a Domain?

Domains are unique addresses in cyberspace that are used to identify a website. the domain is likened to a home or office that has an address, the website address is what Domain means.
one example of the website address an explanation of the structure of this website:

  • Protocol: HTTP
  • Host Computer Name: www
  • Domain Second Name: Wikipedia
  • Top Level Domain Name: Org

from the website explanation and example of the website above which is the Top Level Domain Wikipedia is Org, of course, the question is what is the Top Level Domain (TLD). the following explanation.

What is a Top Level Domain?

Top Level Domain or often referred to as TLD is the highest Domain level on the internet. each domain name will end with a Top-level domain. at first, the Top-Level Domain was only thereafter with the development of the internet world, there was a general TLD enhancer. in 2009, around 21 TLDs and 250 two-letter TLDs for Country codes. I believe this list of Top-Level Domains is available.

Examples Of Top Level Domains

  1. Aero:         Aircraft industry
  2. .Asia:        Asia Pacific Region
  3. .biz:          Business
  4. .cat:             Note
  5. .com:       Commercial
  6. .coop:      Cooperative
  7. edu:       Education (United States)
  8. .gov:     Government (United States)
  9. .info:      Information
  10. .int:       International Organization
  11. .jobs:     Job Lowogan Provider
  12. .mil:       Military (United States)
  13. .mobi:    Mobile Devices
  14. Museum:     Museum
  15. .name:         Individual
  16. .net:           Network
  17. .org:        Organization
  18. .pro:        Professional
  19. .tel:     Internet communication services
  20. .travel:    Tourism Industry

Those are some examples of Top-Level Domain (TLD), of course with the above explanation you will find it easier to choose a domain that matches the website you are managing or the website that you want to create. the benefits of TDL are certainly very much one is to make it easier for your website to be found on search engines, thus your website's chances are many visitors.
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